Discover Working For Peanuts

New songs about our old friends- the Peanuts gang!

First came the now classic instrumental recordings by Vince Guaraldi. Then it was the Snoopy vs the Red Barron tunes by the Royal Guardsmen. Now, former Kenny Wayne Shepherd band member and in-demand Nashville session cat, Jimmy Wallace, has composed 8 new songs about the Peanuts characters.

Each tune tells the story from the perspective of the character (And if it’s not obvious, Misunderstood is Lucy). Unique to this collection is a song about the mysterious character, Franklin- One of the least known Peanuts members who seemed to just…show up one day. Enjoy the Motown groove on that one.

Some of Nashville’s top players were called in to lay down these tracks: Pat Buchanan on guitars; Nick Buda on drums/percussion; Jelly Roll Johnson on harmonica and Tim Marks on bass. Aslo appearing on vocals is the lovely and talented, Ruth Collins.


Don't Take My Blanket

by Jimmy Wallace | Working for Peanuts

The Little Red Head Girl

by Jimmy Wallace | Working for Peanuts

Discover 18 South

Soulful Southern Roots Music

18 South’s music is created by a wide array of influences. The organic and earthy quality of their sound rings with overtones of Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz and Gospel. It lends itself perfectly to their stripped down acoustic approach that is truly “Americana”. The Band member résumé’s read like an Encyclopedia of Musical History and once you see them live, you’ll know why they are individually some the most well respected musicians on the scene today.

Larry Atamanuik [Drums] and Mike Bub [Doghouse Bass] hold down a deep and unmovable groove behind Jimmy Wallace’s rich vocals and slamming New Orleans Style Piano that in turn gives Guthrie Trapp the opportunity to freely express his fluid and versatile guitar style. With Jon Randall’s mournful tenor vocals and solid guitar playing, the band provides a perfect venue for Jessi Alexander to nail the audience to the wall with her smoky heart wrenching vocals.

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